Junari provide Tailored Software Solutions and offer the expertise in both software development and business process automation to help you manage your business and achieve your business goals.

Junari is a Japanese phrase meaning “your chosen path”, we pride ourselves on our sense of honour and strong business ethics, you can be certain that working with us is a good path for you to follow. We have a rare mix of current skills in a team with a passion for delighting our customers.

Read about our flagship product JunariCRM+ here or go to the product website here


  • Our vision is to be a happy and successful, creative and innovative software company delivering both Open Source solutions and our own products
  • Our brand reflects a very professional yet friendly attitude and our clients tell us “it really works”.
  • Internally our employee brand reflects commitment, intelligence and being supportive to the team

What makes us different

  • Our customers tell us that we are rare as we do listen and we are very responsive as a company, we see it as a journey that we accompany you on as your trusted advisers. You might even find we make it enjoyable!
  • We are the UK’s leading OpenERP developers, experts in producing tailored solutions (CRM and ERP). Our range of products enables a system to fit into your business with less effort and less cost than you might think.

Our promise to you

  • We will take time to really listen to you and then find the best fit for your needs and your budget.
  • We can evolve your systems as your market and your customers’ needs change, keeping them future-proof.
  • We deliver on time, to budget, and to the right level of quality.
  • We will help save you time, increase efficiency and therefore increase profits