Jan 24 2013

New web application goes into Beta testing!

This month the exciting new web-based application theMAPP commissioned by The Applied Knowledge Network goes into beta testing with a selection of existing MAPP practitioners. Andrew Hatcher from Applied Knowledge commissioned Junari to produce the new system at the beginning of 2012 after meeting Junari’s MD at a Growth Accelerator meeting in Norfolk, where Junari was speaking as an existing high growth company and Andrew Hatcher was an adviser.

Development progressed throughout 2012 and a couple of companies trialled an earlier version of the software, which provided excellent feedback for the team.

theMAPP limited was created in 2012 as a joint venture between The Applied Knowledge Network Limited (www.appknow.net) and Junari Limited (www.junari.com) in order to develop the MAPP web application.

The Applied Knowledge Network develops and delivers innovative coaching and training solutions and developed the ideas and processes that support the operation and outcomes provided by the MAPP.

Junari provides Tailored Business Management Systems offering expertise in both software development and business process automation and have developed the technical infrastructure which MAPP operates across.

Junari have employed modern, robust web technologies in the development of the product. The back-end of the system been developed using Python and Django with a PostgreSQL database and REST Web Service framework to allow the system to be customised and extended easily. The front-end uses ubiquitous HTML/CSS and jQuery to enable advanced drag-and-drop functionality across all major browsers.

Please see Junari’s case study that describes why the company chose Junari for their development project here.

For more information on theMAPP Limited please email info@themapp.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1223 755744