Nov 25 2010

JunariCRM v 3.1.2 Released

Junari announce latest release of their popular Customer Relationship Management system and release details of new features included

The Junari development team have today released version 3.1.2 of the JunariCRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This latest update includes a number of enhancements based on requests and feedback from the user community.

Russell Briggs, Junari’s CTO explains…

This latest version of junariCRM is 100% customer centric, as the major enhancements of the system are as a direct result of feedback from our user base. Unlike most software projects, the development of the system has been driven by producing solutions to direct business problems received from our customers, rather than us as developers making a best guess as to what people want. junariCRM is the perfect example of getting what you actually need from a Customer Relationship Management system to deliver on a company’s business goals and increase the bottom line.

Version 3.1.2 is delivered alongside a fully tested and proven Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows a customer to send and receive emails as normal, but when they are of interest or are critical to a particular customer, supplier or partner, they can file an email directly into JunariCRM. The email, along with any attachments, is then stored centrally in JunariCRM against the appropriate customer record or sales opportunity, for future reference.

This release also brings enhanced History Tracking to JunariCRM, allowing account managers to understand the timeline associated with a sales opportunity and the workflow stages it has progressed through. The account manager can then accurately determine the history of every customer interaction. This can also be achieved on a record-by-record basis if required to see when information has been updated. Similar changes to the workflow engine now allow progress notes to be stored at every step so that reporting and auditing are available on an increasingly granular level.

Another major development available in JunariCRM version 3.1.2 has been to simplify the creation and use of email templates, extending the power of the built-in mailer and making e-marketing campaigns simpler to manage and customise.

The collaborative functions of JunariCRM have also been improved with enhancements to the calendaring system to make the interface clearer and more intuitive. Personal and Team calendar functions allow for effective planning, and ensure that managers are always aware of team commitments when assigning workload within the JunariCRM case management system.