Feb 02 2013

Junari Asked to Deliver New Phase for Global App

A global company with offices in Suffolk has commissioned Junari to provide new features to the App they produced last year.

This upgrade will provide new features that will help consumers interact with new technology to give them greater control over the services that the company provides. The App is currently being used for demonstration purposes and to generate customer feedback, but is production ready and will likely be delivered to consumers during 2014.

The app will be delivered to iOS and Android devices and integrates with a C# back-end also provided by Junari, that then uses public API’s to integrate back into the servers of the Global company.

The project sponsor explained: -

We are looking to add value in our marketplace and the ability to keep pace with mobile apps, although commonplace, is a major differentiator for us in our market. We want to provide a extremely simple user interface that our consumers could use without any training and that hides all of the complexity that is involved with the actual transactions. Therefore we wanted to partner with a company that were UK based, with expertise in software development as well as graphic design and usability expertise to enable us to meet our goals. After some time searching, and due diligence, we felt that Junari were an excellent match for us and had the skills to meet our needs. After the success of last years development and integration, we wanted to bring new capabilities to show our prowess in the new areas.

Steve Austin, Managing Director of Junari added: -

We were very pleased to be selected last year after a lengthy procurement exercise, and very happy to be adding so much value again this year in a new field, with new interfaces and new functionality. It is excellent that small businesses such as Junari can be making a difference to a global company.

Please note that this news article is accurate and truthful, it is vague only due to the fact that the Global Marketing Arm of the Company involved do not allow the name, the product or any aspect of the details to be released under any circumstances.