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CRM Testimonials

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We’re very thankful to those people who are able to provide us with testimonials, most of our customers don’t feel able to publicise their delight! Mostly due to the fact that they are concerned about competitors finding out what they are using, so they keep a competitive advantage. Here are some named, some anonymous, but all are true!

Well now, this is getting a tad repetitive! Not the usual start to a testimonial I’ll grant you so what on earth could I be talking about? Simple really – we have just completed our fourth implementation project on the ERP system with Junari and once again I am writing with sincere thanks for yet another smooth and hitch-free project.

Since the implementation of our ERP system back in May 2012 we have completed two interim core-functionality additions with this final (implementing full invoicing capabilities) being the fourth.  Once again, although it was extremely hard work for both sides of the project team with us sorting out functionality scope, understanding business process; getting code written and tested on this critical operational piece and finally sorting out all of the data to ensure that the correct version of the truth went live, it has been a smooth-running, easy-talking, on-time, without-glitch project.  The whole of the Junari team have to be thanked for this – but particular thanks has to go to Russ & Steve who were the lynchpins and ensured that with this latest fundamental release our ERP truly does “what it says on the tin” – it really is an enterprise worthy system and one that I am proud to have built for the team at High Position.

 HP Group  – Colchester based expert SEO Company – Rachel Davidson-Foster (Operations Director)

Junari were one of several software companies I was considering for the biggest external-software project HP Group had ever committed to doing – so the stakes were high! The first meeting with Steve effectively had the supplier selection in the bag. It was evident to me that Steve was an expert in his field (so the technical difficulties of our project would not be a problem) and that Steve was the epitome of integrity – both to his product and to my vision and the business case that needed to be met. The whole project with Junari has been a delight – don’t get the impression that the project was easy though!

The ‘delight’ was that Steve and his team where always available to talk through issues and steer me to the optimal solution. This ‘ease’ has been reflected in the software product HP Group is now running its core fulfillment processes on. It was a critical project for HP Group and happily it is already paying tangible business benefits. I’d recommend Steve and Junari to anyone who wants a powerful business planning application and who likes working with professional, highly skilled individuals.

HP Group  – Colchester based expert SEO Company – Rachel Davidson-Foster (Operations Director)

The overwhelming benefit we have experienced since adopting the Junari system within our business is in understanding why we are failing to convert enquiries and in providing full traceability from a project management perspective for those enquiries.

Director of a UK Printing company

We are seriously looking forward to nailing this gaping hole in our business and I am certain you are the right people for the job.

MD of a London based manufacturing company

Thank you for your work so far, it’s refreshing to work with a company with a professional yet friendly approach. I hope we come across the same way to our customers!

Mark Harrison of Verde Coffee

The UK HQ of a global manufacturing company approached Junari looking for a highly tailored solution as they had identified a need to upgrade an existing manually intensive process for order placement, product configuration and shipment of a range of products. Junari was selected to deliver a solution as the company was impressed with the flexibility offered by the core system, coupled with the high-levels of customisation that could be provided by the excellent development team. Junari were also able to meet the company’s challenging timescales.The companies project sponsor said “We quickly had the feeling that we were dealing with a very capable and professional company with a friendly and personal approach to business, and this was particularly refreshing. Since implementation the solution has delivered a more efficient ordering and supply process and going forward will ease access to historical data. I have no hesitation in recommending Junari to another company.”

UK HQ of a global manufacturing company

We have an existing OpenERP solution which had been set up through another company. We were happy with OpenERP and it’s potential but unhappy with the service and backup we were getting and so contacted Junari. Junari helped us by quickly solving some existing problems and have begun to advise us on how to upgrade OpenERP to better fit our requirements. So far we have found them to be knowledgeable, quick to react and extremely professional. I wish we had contacted Junari to set up OpenERP initially.

A major UK based retailer - The company will provide a one-to-one reference upon request

We had been looking to implement a Customer Relationship Management system for over nine months when we approached Junari.  From the first conversation it was clear that OpenERP offered the flexibility and scope to provide us with the sort of product we were after.  Junari used OpenERP as a basis for a bespoke CRM solution that additionally manages our fulfilment process in terms of enquiries, estimates, orders, deliveries and some basic financial invoice approval workflow.

A testament to the flexibility of OpenERP and Junari’s capability was proved throughout implementation but particularly when there is requirement to keep certain tasks, contacts and emails private.  A feature you would not normally require of a CRM system and certainly not available out of the box from OpenERP.

From the beginning the team at Junari were very responsive, understood our goals, produced thoroughly professional project proposals/ scopes and worked hard to deliver. Work is continuing and we are looking at the potential of moving into a fuller ERP solution in the coming months, including financials, HR and stock.

This company will provide a one-to-one reference upon request

We had been looking for a CRM solution for many months, but most seemed either too basic or well out of our league in terms of price. Within a couple of days we had had a good introduction and sales demo which impressed us all and we knew that the system was ideal for the company moving forward. We have had a big issue of connecting staff members together, because we work across three offices. This solution means we can now finally have one area where all the work is controlled and tracked. This has provided already a much higher efficiency level for the company. Regarding the use of the system, it is just easy! Although it is a very feature-rich system with things that we may not use immediately, we are able to jump in and start using it within hours of the solution being delivered. And, you simply have to get the plugin for Outlook, it will change your business! It is also good to know that the Junari team do listen, do fix things and above all do care about their product.

Ian Spencer – Director – Clear Web Services

Having been in sales and marketing for over 25 years, I recognise the need for a high quality system to manage my client and prospect data. I’m delighted to say that Junari deliver the best, easiest to use system on the market. I have used several, and would totally recommend Junari, especially for the high level of functionality. The training, delivery and customer support are second to none, And Steve himself, is a very personable professional, trustworthy and reliable, always on hand to help and support. I would and do, recommend Junari as the CRM system of choice.

Laura Morrison Director of Your Telemarketing

Having set up a company previously, we were well aware of the importance of an IT/Client management system can support a business or hinder a business if not in place, so we took the decision to implement a system that could grow with us right from day one. We had searched the marketplace, and Junari suited us, due the team’s professional manner, its fantastic product and the aftersales support it offered. We have not been disappointed with the choice we made. As a company we have found the aftersales care exemplary, as there are always It gremlins when you import data, or set up any IT system. All have been overcome with a professional, speedy and high duty of care attitude which has been most beneficial to the company. Sport and Health Unite Ltd would recommend this product and Junari as a company to others, either as a start-up or an established organisation. It is well worth the financial investment.

Dr Andy Williamson – Co-Founder – Sport & Health Unite Ltd