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Case Studies

Customer Case Studies – Bespoke Development

Applied Knowledge Network Ltd came to Junari to commission us to build a new application called The MAPP.

MAPP is designed to be a unique visual planning system designed specifically to help create, manage and implement a plan to achieve your goals, in an innovative, interactive and fun way!

This case study explains (briefly!) the story of why the company selected Junari to partner them in this journey.

Customer Case Studies – OpenERP as a Development Platform

OpenERP Customer

HP Group came to us through a chance meeting at a networking event. They had a fairly complex operational problem that was very specific to their market and the way that they operate, and were in the market seeking suitable solutions.Their key objectives were

- To achieve greater efficiency and cost reduction

- To create a single consolidated system for managing and maintaining their processes and their customer service

- Greater visibility and understanding of the dynamics of their business

Download the case study from this link OpenERP Case Study – HP Group Operations


OpenERP Case StudyThe UK Office Manager of a global company who is based in Suffolk came to us with some repeat business as they were having difficulty finding a vendor who could provide something that exactly met their requirements within a reasonable price band.

This case study, mainly comprised of quotes from the customer team explains why they chose us, and how we managed to meet(and in some cases beat) their requirements Download the case study from here and view the associated news here




This case study has been produced with the assistance of the commercial director of a London based manufacturing company.

The project started with the company in December 2010 and there was a relatively high degree of CRM customisation as well as website integration, the initial phase went live and training was delivered in the first week of April 2011

Since then the company have commissioned Junari to implement the power of OpenERP for an ever widening range of business functions

Download the case study here


 Technology Case Studies

Open Source

Useful information about about Open Source software and aspects that business owners ought to be aware of when implementing business critical solutions that are open source.

The Risks and Benefits of Open Source to your Business