May 14 2012

HP Group – Operational system goes live!

Following an intense period of requirements capture, development and testing, HP Group’s OpenERP system went live today!

Rachel Davidson-Foster, project sponsor and project manager from HP Group said:

Junari were one of several software companies I was considering for the biggest external-software project HP Group had ever committed to doing – so the stakes were high! The first meeting with Steve effectively had the supplier selection in the bag. It was evident to me that Steve was an expert in his field (so the technical difficulties of our project would not be a problem) and that Steve was the epitome of integrity – both to his product and to my vision and the business case that needed to be met. The whole project with Junari has been a delight – don’t get the impression that the project was easy though!

The ‘delight’ was that Steve and his team where always available to talk through issues and steer me to the optimal solution. This ‘ease’ has been reflected in the software product HP Group is now running its core fulfillment processes on. It was a critical project for HP Group and happily it is already paying tangible business benefits. I’d recommend Steve and Junari to anyone who wants a powerful business planning application and who likes working with professional, highly skilled individuals.

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