Sep 05 2011

Developing Developing Potential!

Developing Potential choose Junari for Promotional Website

Developing potential provides leadership, cultural and personal development to deliver and sustain high performance for individuals, teams and organisations.

As part of their next business phase, Developing Potential wish to develop a set of online surveys that give potential customers an insight into the sort of services Developing Potential offer. From a user’s perspective, these tools will offer them insight into their leadership potential, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing actions points for moving forwards. For some, this will be the first step along the road to maximising leadership potential and increasing personal performance.

For Developing Potential, the new online surveys are a great promotional tool, helping to increase brand awareness and generate new business. The surveys also mark the first step in an overhaul of their online presence which will soon include Smartphone applications and online membership options.

Mark Solomons, the Director of Developing Potential said:

Junari are very responsive and yet flexible in their approach – meeting needs while using their expertise to challenge as appropriate to deliver the best solution. They are very knowledgeable and highly skilled at what they do. Steve is personable and treats his team really well, meaning they are all a pleasure to deal with. We are looking forward to working with Junari over the long term and will use them for all the further developments we have planned.