The way we work

Implementation Approach

This is the approach that we adopt to implement your solution, keeping you informed every step of the way. We have our own internal Quality Management process that ensures the quality of the final deliverable.

Proposal Stage

When we start to work with a Company, we take time to get to know their business and how it would best benefit from a CRM system. We will write up our findings and provide a comprehensive proposal that provides a précis of the business requirements, a solution overview and the associated costs, with any options, so that you can understand exactly what you will be getting if you choose us as your solution providers.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we see this as a pre-sales activity and you do not incur any charge for this.

Requirements Capture

A meeting or series of meetings are held to understand the changes that you would like to see within the system that make it suit your business processes and terminology to the appropriate level. Once this is complete, we will document our understanding of your requirements and walk through this with you to explain every aspect so that you can understand exactly what the system will provide.

Build and Test

Once the requirements and design are signed off, we can then proceed to build the system for you. We will make the system available for you to view over the internet and walk you through the functionality so that you can be satisfied that the system has been built to your requirements.


We will provide you and your team with instruction and guidance to enable you to get the best from the system.

Data import

We can import data from practically any source, which enables you to get up and running with your own data in the minimum time possible.

Ongoing support and maintenance

To enable you to continue to get the best use out of the system, and assist with user change management and enthusiasm (a trained and supported user is much more enthusiastic!) we provide telephone and email support from 09:00 to 17:00 on all UK working days throughout the year.

We have a very flexible support model. Support is available to purchase in blocks of time with no expiry date. We recommend an initial allocation based on the changes in your system and the number of users, after which additional blocks of time can be purchased if necessary at any time, with a minimum purchase of just an hour. We are also confident that after you have used the functionality a couple of times you will be fully conversant, but we are always there to help you.

This allocation can also include time that can be used for further development without the need for you to obtain authorisation for small pieces of work. We will always quote you for development work to give you the chance to decide whether to proceed or not.

We will allocate time for support with a minimum allocation of only 5 minutes. Full records will be kept of time with a summary of assistance provided.